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5 Worst Workout Tips You Should Never Follow

You must have heard and read numerous workout tips to boost your performance in the gym and to have better outcomes from your efforts. Have you ever thought if a random tip is really good for you? Trust me, there are numerous tips that almost everybody believes that they are true. However, they can have disastrous outcomes for your health. Check out these 5 worst workout tips that you should never follow and if you’re already following these, stop immediately.

1.  Workout on An Empty Stomach

This is a very common tip that most people are following blindly. People have been inflicted this thought in their minds that working out on an empty stomach can burn more calories. However, the reality is that this can lead to having a massive fall in your blood sugar level that can even make you faint in an extreme case. When we’re asleep, the blood sugar is at its lower level in order for a proper body functioning during the night. However, the demands of the body for food is greater in the morning. In that case, if you do your workout without eating anything in the morning, it diminishes the body’s strength and the immunity to recover declines.

2.  Build Muscles and Leave Cardio

Most people advise you to leave cardio if you want to gain muscles. The reason behind this tip is that cardio exercise helps to lose fat and along with that, it tends to lose muscle mass as well. This tip is extremely baseless with no relevance to the research. Cardio helps to build stamina, enhances performance, and reduces muscle soreness. Hence, you should ever skip cardio from your regular routine even if you want to bulk up. You can fix cardio days and muscle training days for a better experience and then you should prepare yourself according to that. Wear relaxing workout clothes, drink more water, sleep well, and see how soon you get your fitness target.

3.  Do Intense Workout Daily

If your workout clothes are all wet in sweat and you have left with no energy, it means you have done the best workout. Well, this is another absurd piece of very common advice. You might have heard that if you have no pain after the workout then it means you are going to have no gain. Well, the reality is that your muscles need a good time to recover, so split up your days between intense workout and low impact workout.

4.  Don’t Take Injuries Seriously

Another common thing we usually hear not to take injuries so seriously and keep working out without a break. Furthermore, it is even believed that if we keep on working out, it will enhance the healing process. In actual, this is the time when your body signals you to immediately stop exercising and take the injury seriously. Otherwise, this can go even worse and a small injury can turn into a serious one. Always listen to your body rather than people with fake advice.

5.  Don’t Lift Weight If You Do Not Want to Gain Muscles

Some people are not interested in bulking up. It’s totally fine, after all, it’s your choice to set your desired fitness goals for you. However, it necessarily does not mean that you don’t have to touch the weights at all. Lifting weight does not only develop muscles but it also helps to lose fat as well. Even if you want to lose fat and have a lean physique, you should incorporate lightweight exercises into your regular routine.

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