3 Basic Steps For Growing Cannabis Seeds Winnipeg

Legal cannabis has now become a norm across Canada, and many other countries of the world. So, accordingly, you too have taken the decision to grow your own cannabis, well that sounds great. Although, cannabis as a plant is adaptable to various different climates and is not particularly hard to grow, but, today we are sharing a list of 3 basic steps that might come handy while you begin growing cannabis seeds Winnipeg for the first time.

Choosing The Cannabis Seeds Winnipeg

With a no. of choices such as Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, and a combination of hybrids available at a click, it often becomes difficult to choose the seeds that are most suitable for your need. Therefore, to make an informed choice, always look for strains that have fitted your groove in the past, have performed as a satisfactory medicine during your past ailment and are a perfect fit in your designated cannabis growing cabin.

Cannabis Seeds Winnipeg Growth Fundamentals

  • Light

For healthy growth of cannabis strains, always ensure 12 hours of light per 24-hour period.

  • Air

For strength and proper exchange of gases, plants require adequate air. Outdoors the plants are exposed to enough breeze and Gail alike, while inside you can install air exhaust and a fan for air movement.

  • Water

Cannabis plants generally require a regular supply of water, thus, always try to grow your cannabis plants outside as they would have rainfall to supplement their need.

  • Temperature

Cannabis seeds Winnipeg function well in moderate heat or moderate cold, but stress out during extremes on either side. Hence, always try to moderate the temperature for the healthy growth of your cannabis plant.

  • Nutrients

Cannabis plants require a perfect mix of nutrients to grow well. A good friable soil mix rich with compost, living organisms, vitamins and minerals can supply the plants with enough food for their entire life cycle.

Germination Of Cannabis Seedlings

There are various methods for growing cannabis seedlings, based on the type of cannabis seeds you wish to grow you can employ any of the below-mentioned methods

  • Medium

Place the seeds directly into the medium, this way you can avoid any transplant shock and your plant will grow healthy.

  • Paper towel method

In this method, seeds are placed on a moist paper towel and placed in a warm dark place. The seeds are then covered with a plastic or an upturned plate to retain moisture and humidity until the seeds sprout.

  • Jiffies, plugs and rock wool starters

This is an easy to maintain and handy method, as you have almost 50 seeds germinating in a small space. These seedlings are put into their final position without damaging the roots.

  • Water

Simply soak the seeds in enzyme enriched water, as soon as you see the tap root appearing shift the seedling into the medium.

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