5 Ways to Kick Boost Your Workout Routine Before the Holidays

Are you short on time to meet your fitness goals before the holidays? You must be trying hard to achieve your set goal. Well, it’s not only you who desperately want to meet the last step of your target, many people are also stuck at a particular point where no efforts are taking them closer to their fitness target. Try these 5 amazing ways to kick boost your workout routine and get amazing results.

1.  Add Interval Training in Your Routine

Interval training is definitely a spicing agent in your workout recipe. It suggests you high-intensity interval training for a shorter time period and then immediately switch to low-intensity workout for a longer time period. For example, if you are doing normal running every day then change the routine. After warmup, run as fast as you can for 2 minutes and then quickly start walking for 5 minutes. Keep doing the same way and you will see that you’re going to have better results soon. So, from today onwards, prepare yourself for a new thing. Wear your workout gear, go to the park or gym, and start working on your fitness target with this change and see the results before the holidays.

2.  Incorporate Weight Training

Another great way to ramp up your current fitness routine is to add weight training. Mostly women are more interested in cardio exercises due to their misconceptions about weight training. Do you think that just doing few repetitions with 1 kg dumbbells can pop out big bulging muscles from your tank top? If you think like that and avoid doing weight training, you’re wrong. For your information, weight training can help to kick your metabolism and you will lose fat much faster than any cardio exercise. Furthermore, it will tone up your body and will make your body strong. After all, nobody likes loose skin or muscle. Add a moderate amount of weight training in your regular exercising routine.

3.  Try Something New

If you’re bored with doing the same thing over and over again then to your surprise, I want to deliver some important piece of information in this regard that your body is bored too. This is the major reason your body is stuck at a particular point and making no further progress. Try something new like CrossFit or TRX and you will see your body will give amazing results before the holidays. It will help you to develop more interest in your new routine and you will enjoy it more.

4.  Skip Your Regular Workout

If you’re stuck and unable to move further towards achieving your fitness goal then it’s time to skip your current workout routine and adopt a new one. Doing the same workout again and again over weeks can make your body immune to it and then it takes you to plateau. It’s time to trick your body by switching to the new workout routine and that would do wonder. If you’re regularly running on a treadmill, try swimming this time. You will notice a tremendous change in your metabolism and then you will be seeing your goal coming closer to you.

5.  Try an Additional Day of Workout

This tip is particularly for those who actually have some serious weight loss target to achieve before the holidays. In another case, if you’re just regularly doing your workout and you’re not short on time to achieve any set fitness goal, it is never recommended to add an additional day of workout. You can choose any kind of workout for an extra day. Anyone can understand that an extra day of workout can burn more calories and hence taking you closer to your set target.

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