How do I choose a olympic weightlifting shoe

Weightlifting shoes are very different from your regular shoes. They might look similar but has huge differences. The regular shoes are just for comfort, but the weightlifting ones are much more than that. So while choosing a pair of shoes for weightlifting, never go by just the look of it. All the famous brands make some stylish ones, though. But still, style is not for the Olympic games. The shoes will have to provide the much-needed support for your win.

Laces and Straps

Choose a pair of shoes that have laces and straps. Best is to go for shoes with laces and hook-and-loop instep strap. Both the laces and straps ensure a snug fit. They are the best for stability. The shoes must be tight enough yet comfortable as if you have nothing on your feet. So, the weight you are lifting doesn’t make you stumble or slip. You can hold the weight as long as possible. The weight you carry will put pressure on your feet, and the shoes must help you stay firm on the ground. You can also try shoes with BOA fit system.


This one is a must, not for just the weightlifting shoes. Be it of any style or purpose; shoes must be lightweight. Working as a second skin is the best quality in a pair of shoes. The shoe material plays a vital part in making them featherweight. So, make sure your shoes are made of quality materials. The Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes are created from synthetic leather with mesh on them. You can also try the nylon ones. They are also great for weightlifting.


The mesh on the synthetic leather helps your feet breath. Your feet with the snug feet and heavyweight might lack air, resulting in hindrance in blood circulation. So, make sure you have mesh on your shoes.


Heels in weightlifting shoes are mandatory. Shoes with no heels are not for lifting weights. Heels play a huge part in lifting the weight. The stability of a pair of shoes helps you to lift the weight and squat. That also comes with sturdy heels. The heels increase the ankle’s motion range. You have to stretch, flex, and extend to go back to the standing position with all the weight. A good pair of heels works as massive support.


Avoid going for high heels. Instead, stay in between .3-1”. Keep in mind, the heels must be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be soft. Go for the EVA, TPU, leather, or wood heels. They offer optimum support, stability, and comfort.


Your shoes must have a load-bearing design. And for that, each part of the shoe matters. Take extra caution in choosing the soles. Inner, mid and out, you have quite a bit to consider. Slip-resistant outsole is the best for weightlifting as it tends to cause slippage. The solid rubber outsole is going to maintain the balance and traction. Try to get shoes with TPU insole and midsole. Avoid too much cushioning in the midsole.

If you thought to choose weightlifting shoes were easy, then you were wrong. But if you still feel the same, try following our way of selection. It will help.

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