How Tight Should Hunting Boots Be

As boots don’t have laces, the proper fit should be the most priority when wearing hunting boots. Your hunting footwear also needs to make you feel comfortable. If they are too tight, go for a bigger size so that you can avoid blisters in your feet.

The best lightweight hunting boots are made of durable material so that you cannot find anything to keep your heel from riding up a bit. Although these boots come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you need to check them before choosing a pair for you.

After several uses, the sole will gradually be flexible. And you will find a bit of slippage in your footwear. We think you still have some confusion about the right size of your hunting boots. That’s why we’re here to provide you some rules of fit below.

Choose the Right Boots

Purchasing the right pair of boots is essential when you’re going to hunt to a remote location. Keep in mind that winter boots don’t support you well if you want to wear them in spring. Again, slip-on rubber neoprene boots are not an ideal choice if you are willing to walk many miles in summer.

Match Your Feet with The Boots

You should measure your feet several times per year. Don’t rely on a measurement that you took a couple of years ago. When you’re getting older, the ligaments and some soft tissues of your feet may stretch. That’s because the size and shape of your feet can be changed. So, make sure to measure the width and length of your feet to match with your boots.

Pick a Pair of Lightweight Ones

When you go hunting, you need to feel comfortable in your feet so that you can easily move around. A pair of lightweight hunting boots can be an excellent choice for you to feel flexible while hunting. If your foot size is nine to eleven in medium, you can find your desired pair without any extra hassle. But, if your feet are wider or narrower than that, you may have to spend a little bit effort to find out a pair of lightweight boots.

Follow These Rules of Fit

  • Be practical about matching hunting boots with your hunting style.
  • If you go hunting in cold weather, consider a pair of boots that can cover your feet adequately.
  • For special requirements, pick higher-grade insoles, such as Synergy Footbeds or Superfeet.
  • When you’re willing to purchase a pair of hunting boots, read the vendor’s return policies carefully.
  • You can take a lot of break-in time before you wear the boot in the field for the first time.
  • If you want to avoid blisters or feel your boots a bit loosening, wear a pair of socks. Purchase merino wool socks that will be the best for you.


When you purchase an excellent pair of hunting boots, follow the rules of fit accurately. As a result, hunting will be more comfortable if you are successful in choosing perfectly fitted hunting footwear. We hope you’ll be enjoying hunting, wearing lightweight boots.

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