Looking for a Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Solution? Have you heard about FUE Hair Transplant System?

For many people, surgical methods of hair treatment and hair transplant are really discouraging for them to step out, get an appointment with a surgeon and get their hair problems sorted. For all those who have been afraid of the surgical hair treatments, non-surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair replacement are two of the best solutions available at hand. More important is the fact that all these treatments and transplant options are readily available in Pakistan. Also, the results of these non-surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair replacement have triumphed over the world of surgery solving the hair problems of scores of people including some notable celebrities of the country.

What are these Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems?

Earlier techniques like stripping were the only surgical method available for the hair transplant. This treatment is very painful and involves a lot of scarring and penetration of the skin. Sometime the heads were badly infected due to the negligence by the surgeon or the improper care by the patients. This really discouraged the future clients from getting a surgery. Later, new innovative methods like FUE transplant therapy have been introduced. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction or normally known as the follicular transplant method. In this method hair follicles are obtained from the back of the head of the person and they are strip harvested by making micro inclusions in the head on the empty area. It is a slow process yet over a period of 6-9 months 60-70 percent of the volume is returned once the treatment cycle ends. \

What Non-Surgical Hair Replacement methods are Available?

Non-surgical hair replacement methods are really the quickest fix for the hair loss problem. One of the newly introduced methods is LSR method in which a thin secondary skin is attached to the head not even noticeable for the person himself. On that membrane are hairs which function equally well as the really hair. Another world famous technology is HI gen hair replacement therapy. Likewise it is also an artificial hair replacement that is really intricately designed. Non-surgical hair replacement in Lahore can be found at a number of clinics. Amongst them the most famous is the Hair Club Pakistan by Nashir Rashid. Here many public figures also got the solution to their hair problems. Just login to their website and read their reviews and stories to get a clearer picture. Other than that there are several hair replacement systems available in many markets and salons in the country. Synthetic or human hair replacements systems are the real quick fix for anyone having hair loss or less volume of hair issues. Apart from these the hair unit price in Pakistan varies largely. They mostly depend upon the quality of material that has been used and how much areas it covers. And we have some of the finest hair unit price in Pakistan for you at our hair club. They are not as pricy as the permanent solutions therefore, everyone can almost afford them.

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