Which Dubai Hop on hop off Bus Tour is Best?

If you ever want to explore the beauty of the city then hop on and hop off bus tours are ideal way to do so. These open bus tours can show you more colors and panoramic views of the city. Dubai is well known for the cherished nightlife scenes and shopping centers. The major attractions are Burj Khalifa, Dubai fountain and tour to Abu Dhabi. You can make bookings earlier to avoid the rush at the time of tour. You can make these bookings online and get to know about the details of the tour.

These days you can know everything easily before reaching the destination. You can just navigate through the travel website and you will get all the details about the tour easily. Trip Indicator travel website will help you to get complete details about the best bus tour and major attractions in your destination. There are many travel websites that will suggest hotels, bus tour and much more but you must consider the reviews to choose one for you. A professional travel company will always have happy customer reviews.

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Things to Know More About Dubai Bus Tour

  • The very first type of HOHO bus tour is multiple day tour. In this you have time of 1 day, 3 days and 7 days. It completely depends on you in what time you can complete the bus tour and explore all the destinations in your route. You can hop off the bus any time you want and explore the city in your own way. Another tour is the night tour. Well this is not hop on hop off bus tour. In this you can enjoy the incredible nightlife of the city in the double decker bus. You can feel the lively music in the city during the night tour. The last one is the exclusive bus tour covering destinations of two Emirates that is Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • There are basically two types of buses that is the big bus and the sightseeing bus. When you travel with the big bus there are three routes to explore the entire city and with the sightseeing bus there are eight destinations to explore all the sides of the city.  The three routes are the city tour that is the red route the second route is the Marina route also known as the blue route and the last one is the green route that is the beach route. The red route has eleven major tourist attractions in the city, the Marina tour has ten attractions including the beaches. The beach tour will have incredible five destinations and you cannot miss the scenic drives.
  • Both the buses are quite frequent. The maximum time to wait for the big bus is around fifteen to twenty minutes while the time to wait for sightseeing bus is twenty-five minutes.
  • The price of the buses is almost similar. The ticket ranges for the sightseeing buses are for one day, 3 day and 7 days while the big bus have classic, premium and deluxe tickets. The price of big bus is AED 246 while for the sightseeing bus the ticket price ranges from AED 260 to AED
  • Both the bus tours include the audio commentary in twelve different languages so that visitors can know the history and significance of the place. Also, it includes entry to museum and walking tour in Dubai.

If you really want to explore the city then Hop on hop off bus tours are always the best. This also saves you some travel expenses and gives you the best memories of your vacation.


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