Few Compelling Reasons Why You Must Give CBD to Your Dog

Normally, CBD oil is very safe, even for all senior dogs who are taking prescription medications. However, the healing effects of the CBD may reduce over a period, and hence you will need to increase the dosage for achieving the same effects.

Due to this reason, many vets generally recommend daily dose of CBD for their senior dogs to ensure they will get full healing benefits.

Following are six reasons why CBD oil for dogs is a must every day, particularly for your senior dogs

  1. To reduce inflammation

Generally, inflammation is the response of the body due to any injury, infection or illness. Not only any chronic inflammation may cause pain, but it also will predispose your dog to either cancer or any other diseases.

Therefore, daily dosing with the CBD oil will naturally be able to reduce inflammation in their digestive track, and joints too

  1. To ease their joint pain

You will find the majority of dogs when they come to the age of more than seven, often suffer from certain level of joint pain.  Often this is due to breakdown of their cartilage along with age.

If CBD is given on a daily basis, then CBD oil will help in reducing painful joint inflammation as well as lets the senior dogs to stay active. For treating chronic pain, CBD has already proven so much effective that scientists are now considering it as new class of the drug.

  1. To fight anxiety

Often aged dogs suffer from lots of anxiety during later stage in life because of the increasing frailty that is found of their minds and bodies.

CBD oil will target the endocannabinoid system for helping to balance emotions and also induce a calm feeling during the times of stress. By using daily can ease symptoms for aged dogs battling separation anxiety or general anxiety.

  1. To support the brain health

During the laboratory tests, CBD displayed that it can protect their brain from any cell death due to free toxins and radicals. It can also support normal cellular function to promote healthy aging with mitochondrial support.

Researchers have noted that CBD can be non-toxic even if given in large and frequent doses and make it safer to use daily than other substances.

  1. To minimize nausea and stimulate appetite

Steady and nutrient-rich diet will be extremely important for all senior dogs, particularly those who are battling illnesses. Many conditions and pharmaceuticals unfortunately used for treating them may have affected your dog’s appetite.

In case your appetite of your older dog is waning, then try daily dose of CBD to stimulate their appetite and fight nausea.

  1. To improve sleep

Doggy dementia which is also known as canine cognitive dysfunction may cause your senior dog to feel bit confused and restless at night.

Regular CBD dose during evening can help to soothe their mind as well as put stop to their panting, pacing as well as frequent late-night waking. Its pain and anxiety-relieving quality also can promote better sleep.

If your dog will rest peacefully, then you too can rest peacefully!

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