How close are you to happiness?

Legend says that there is a beautiful goddess of fortune in a remote desert. Those people who lucky enough to see her with their own eyes can make a wish. People are skeptical with this. What do you think about it?

  1. You don’t believe in such a goddess and refuse to do such a silly thing.
  2. You believe in a goddess and decide to find her. Unfortunately you got sick on the road and gave up.
  3. You get on with the idea of trying. As soon as you walked into the desert, you met a beautiful girl who you thought was the goddess. You are married and live a happy life. You know the truth later, but you have no regrets.
  4. You believe that there really will be a goddess, through all the efforts to find her, still did not find out, and finally died in the desert disappointed.
  5. You believe that there really will be a goddess, through all the efforts to find her, still did not find out. But there is an oasis in the middle of the desert, and you decide to build your own hut and live there.

Test results:

  1. Happiness index is 60: You’re more likely to believe in the life ahead of you, and less likely to put in a lot of hard work in the pursuit of something new. So you lose many beautiful things in life.
  2. Happiness index is 50: You’re usually the kind of person who stays interesting to new things for three minutes. So you often miss happiness.
  3. Happiness index is 70: You are a sober person, neither too extravagant nor too hasty to make do with life. You believe that nothing in the world is better than the best. So when happiness knocks on your door you are able to hold on to it.
  4. Happiness index is 40: Your pessimism, your stubbornness, and your extravagant hopes for life are the root of your inability to be happy. You are so committed to perfection that you miss out on so much good things. If you can look at happiness in a different way, maybe you’ll get it.
  5. Happiness index is 80: You are ideal but not stubborn. You can always find new joys in your life, and you can always capture those elusive blessings. You have more opportunities for happiness than anyone else.

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