What are the Common Causes of Pain in Thumb Joint

People often experience the pain in their thumb and they actually don’t know all about what is the cause of the pain. Many people have to deal with the pain in their thumb joint and they usually ignore it as they actually are unaware of its cause. Or sometimes have the painkillers that can be quite harmful to their health. Here we are going to have some of the causes behind the pain in the thumb joint. What they do is call upon the medical stores and has their painkillers at their doorstep. Let’s first have a look at the causes behind.

  • Straining the Joint– Strain in the joint occurs by the continuous use of it. This actually happens when you carry the heavy object in the same position for a long time. This aggravates the tendons, muscles, and nerves of the joint that not only give you pain but sometimes the strain that can’t even let you move your thumb.
  • Daily Use– From writing to carrying even every activity needs the help of thumb and the daily use of it sometimes make it more painful. The list goes on when we talk about the use of the thumb, depending on the occupation sometimes thumb gets overloaded and pain starts. Cannabis oil Canada stores where you can have the cannabis to alleviate your pain. This is the natural herb that not only reduces the pain but also without any side effects.
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome– This condition is common as it is related to the moving of the hand in the same position. In this syndrome, the nerves between the bones and the joints get compressed and sometimes go worst that not relieved by medication and the last choice to pick is surgery. This syndrome can be treated with surgery. Nowadays this syndrome is quite common as people are using the hands more to work on the keyboards if we compare with the ancient days. But there are devices available that can be worn while working on the keyboards to avoid the carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Arthritis– This is the condition when there is breakage of the cartilage between the bones, cartilage cushions the bones and in older age, these cartilage becomes broken and arthritis-like condition arises. Although old age is common with arthritis too much use or deficiency of calcium can also lead to this condition.

These are the common causes of the thumb pain and one must not avoid these three as this can be more serious if avoided. Many times only painkillers don’t work and the problem needs the proper care and attention to recover. Pain is the alarming sign of the body and it gives you the sign that anything is going on wrong so never ignore such pain and get proper and right treatment on time. Cannabis is the natural herb that is best recommended for the treatment of pain then whether it is postoperative or any other type.

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