Why Cannabis is seen as an illegal drug?

For almost a century, cannabis was prohibited around every corner of the world and various baseless arguments where provided for justifying the criminalization of marijuana. Multiple political and economic reasons are considered behind the ban of marijuana, however, with the advent in technology and new research and study on cannabis consumption, a plethora of benefits associated with it has been discovered which has now forced government of various countries to legalize marijuana for the benefit of mankind.

Below is the list of reasons which have been the most commonly employed justification for the ban and stating cannabis as an illicit drug.

  1. It has been stated as an addiction

In the 1970s, marijuana was classified as a schedule I drug which means that it has a high potential for abuse. The perception behind the classification arises as potheads often get hooked after consuming marijuana and therefore it might lead to self-abuse or harmful to others. However, other legal drugs like alcohol happen to have more cases of physical abuse as well as addiction when compared to marijuana. Alcohol which is perfectly legal is also considered as a gateway drug.

According to a recent study, it has been claimed that marijuana is not addictive and while smoking it is impossible to overdose or under dose the individual.

  1. There is no medical benefit associated

Since the ancient time, marijuana seems to yield considerable medical benefits and with recent studies, there are good evidence that it can be used to treat some chronic and deadly medical condition from glaucoma to cancer. Since no proper evidence and the practical result has been concluded and further study is required, the medical benefits of marijuana have become a national controversy.

  1. It has been linked with narcotics such as heroin

Earlier anti-drug laws were written to regulate narcotics such as opium and its derivate including heroin and morphine. Marijuana not being a narcotic was described under the same category and was banned. The drugs were then divided between normal and abnormal recreational drugs. Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine were termed as normal whereas marijuana, cocaine, heroin were described as abnormal and were prohibited for public consumption. Lately, marijuana was also described as a gateway drug.

With proper research and study, it has been concluded that marijuana is one of the most harmless and safe recreational drug available.

  1. Advocates for the legalization of marijuana never made a strong argument earlier

The advocated often use to keep arguments which says, the drug promotes creativity, open-mindedness, moral progression, and spiritual beliefs. However, these statements without certain evidence seem to be baseless for the huge community of people who never experienced marijuana. The public or social image of marijuana was really bad and to help people get over the myths strong arguments were required with certain evidence and proof.

However, slowly and steadily the advocates for legalization of marijuana succeed in explaining the medical benefits associated with the consumption of marijuana. Moreover, during the criminalization imposed on marijuana consumption, it was easily available and accessible to common people. Today number of states has legalized the medical cannabis and country like Canada has also legalized recreational cannabis. One can easily find a number of a physical and online store which provide great cannabis product and Namaste cannabis is one of the well known online sellers for providing potent and affordable cannabis.

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